Chef’s Paradise is partnering with, a federally registered non-profit organization, on a mission to help 5,000+ displaced Ukrainians settle in Canada, and find work.


50% of sales of our Essence Hand Sanitizer will be donated to


Post your job openings with


Start hiring and fill vacancies

Make a Difference

Any amount, large or small, will help to pay for family settlement.

Let your next purchase make a difference and open the door to hiring

Jobs and Hiring

Hiring is very difficult today.   By donating through this program, you gain access to a highly motivated workforce and change someone’s life!


Ukrainians are highly motivated to work and contribute to the Canadian economy with 92% speaking basic English

There are almost 1 million unfilled jobs across Canada. Businesses are desperate for help. Ukrainians are well-suited and skilled to fill these jobs.

Ukrainians want to be financially independent and rebuild a living for themselves and their families

Do you have job opportunities to offer settling Ukrainians?  Learn more about posting your jobs.


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