15 Dutch Oven Uses: 9 Conventional, 6 Unconventional

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Conventional Dutch Oven Uses

One-Pot Stews



Although buying a French Oven may seem like a significant purchase, you truly get your money’s worth with this iconic piece of cookware. The French Oven allows you to prepare many dishes and perfect different cooking techniques all in one pot. Now that you’re aware of everything you can cook in a Dutch Oven, it’s time to look at innovative ways to make the most out of this pot. Here are six unconventional uses for the Dutch Oven that you might not be aware of.

As Cold Storage 

The Dutch Oven has come a long way since its original design in 1769 and has continuously adapted to the times to remain relevant. Today, this iconic piece of cookware has emerged as a favourite across many households and is among the most commonly used pieces of cookware that exist.
The Dutch Oven is very much a jack-of-all-trades and can be used for many different cooking techniques, including braising, frying, searing, and sautéing. When it is not being used to cook, however, the Dutch Oven can serve a wide array of purposes.
This luxury pot can support kitchen design as a unique decor piece, or double as a unique cooler and pitcher. These were just 15 different uses of the Dutch Oven: nine conventional, and six unconventional. Let us know how you use your Dutch Oven!

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