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Every pot has a purpose! It’s important to remember this when investing in cookware, it is unlikely that you will find one pot or pan that will do everything for you. If you’re investing in your first cookware set, there are basics that you will want to cover.

The Basics


The stock pot is essential for cooking soups and stews, and fantastic for cooking up large batches. The tall sides and flat bottom is perfect to cook items that do not need to be to directly on a heat source, good for blanching, steaming and boiling as well.

Frying Pan or Skillet

The frying pan or skillet is the most used pan in most households. They are designed with a flat bottom and sloped sides to fry meats and veg, as well as eggs and fish. Most can handle high heat, but we at Chef’s Paradise do not recommend using a non-stick fry pan on high heat as it will damage the coating over time.

Saute Pan

Deeper than a frying pan and with straight sides instead sloped, the saute pan is ideal for frying food that will be moved around quickly. The straight sides help keep everything inside and prevent food and sauces from sloshing out the sides. Great for frying meats and adding sauces or vegetables after searing.

Sauce Pan

Most saucepans are straight-sided and deep, and have one long handle and a lid. Sizes range from 1 to 4L generally but can be smaller or larger. They’re suited to many different jobs including making sauces, heating food and liquids, making grains such as rice or quinoa, or blanching vegetables.

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