Gluggle Jugs: The Perfect Centrepiece

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Since the late 1800s, Gluggle Jugs have been bringing entertainment and novelty to our tables, gluggling merrily when poured from three quarters full. As a fully functional water jug, these unique and quirky pieces provide a practical addition to any dining table while adding a twist of humour.

The earliest Jugs were made of white clay decorated with a thin wash of pigments, or dipped in a green glaze; the modelling is very precise, giving clear definition of fins, scales etc.  Other early jugs were made of blue clay varying from a pale to deep blue depending on the amount of dye put in with the white clay.  Later, other colours were developed to meet changing fashions (e.g. gunmetal c 1964, sage green c 1967).

A very special pair of gurgling jugs were made in 1958 for presentation to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip on their visit to Britannia Naval College to present New Colours.  The Commanding Officer of the college commissioned the jugs, which were 9” tall, glazed green and embossed with the Royal Insignia and the date 28 July, 1958.  The jugs were placed in presentation  boxes made by the college carpenter from timber of the original training ship HMS Britannia and the lids were inscribed in silver by a Dartmouth jeweller.  In the end, the Queen was unable to attend the ceremony because of illness but the gift was accepted on her behalf by Prince Philip.  The Royal gift possibly contributed to the popularity of the gurgling jugs.

Although originally intended for use as water jugs, they were commissioned as advertising items by breweries.  Hundreds were made over many years to advertise Plymouth Gin and indeed, Wade continues to make them for the Plymouth Gin brand.

Today, Wade Ceramics produce a range of ‘gluggling’ jugs which have been fondly named Gluggle Jugs in recognition of their long history of bringing unique sound to meal tables across the world. These charming jugs are the perfect centerpieces, combining character, fun and tradition with functionality.

Our range is expansive and growing. From the original jug, Wade has widened the range to include 3 different sized versions of the classic fish design, providing an option for all requirements and tastes. Whether you’re pouring a fine spirit, fresh water, or a sweet dessert wine, we have a Gluggle Jug to suit you.

Our jugs also come in a wide array of patterns and colours and can be fully personalised (though need to be custom ordered from the United Kingdom). From elegant pastel to vibrant, patriotic flags, there is a Gluggle Jug design for you.

Produced in Stoke-On-Trent, England, the jugs display the true capabilities of Wade’s design and manufacturing expertise, making use of the finest British raw materials and skilled craftmanship to produce timeless classics which put the fun into pouring.

The Gluggle Jug is available in three sizes, the Extra Large (10″/38 fl oz), the Large (8.5″/24 fl oz), and the Mini (3.5″/2 fl oz).

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