We are proud to be serving all areas of the hospitality and foodservice industry for over 100 years. A trusted and reliable equipment and supply partner, with a dedicated and experienced team to accommodate all sizes and types of businesses.

Chef’s Paradise is a family run business owned and operated in Ottawa, Outaouais, and Kingston regions. We pride ourselves in a personal touch to customer service and reliable project delivery.  We supply all top brands of equipment and smallwares with the expertise, and local inventory needed to launch and grow your business. We aim to offer our customers a unique guest experience.

Types of Projects

Full project management service to manage, design, install and open a new location with  a tailored layout, equipment, front of house and table top to realize the target guest experience.

New Openings

Full service to manage, design, and install a transformed space and flow for an optimized kitchen and front of house space to grow and realize a refreshed or enhanced guest experience.

Major Renovations

Upgrade or modernize equipment to to reduce labour, increase reliability, reduce space, improve flow, standardize food quality, and reduce utility costs.


Manage your day to day business with ongoing tabletop and smallwares needed for quality service and an exceptional guest experience.


Who we Serve

Owners and GC’s rely on their Food Service Equipment contractor to deliver the kitchen as a turnkey project with the expertise and integration needed for reliable delivery with on time commissioning.

General Contractors & Design Consultants

Opening and operating a restaurant is a big undertaking that requires expertise, planning, and personalized service. We work with Owners and Chef’s to design, orchestrate and install kitchens and front of house solutions with guest experiences in mind.

Independent Owners

Health clubs provide trendy and health conscious food and beverage options to their members.  Addressing the menus, service spaces, and quick serve options needs unique design.

Health Clubs

Large institutions in health care, education, governments, and event spaces rely on major equipment infrastructure to operate their business at scale. We bring the needed expertise to plan and deliver projects reliably.

Institutions & Cafeterias

Day cares have unique requirements for practical, healthy, and safe solution options for preparation, cooking, serving, cleaning and storing for their adorable (or not) “guests”.


Being mobile with your food service business is critical to efficiently prepare meals in your commissary kitchen and deliver the guest experience on site with finishing as needed.


The needs of an embassy are unique in terms of the refined front of house experience needed for their guests and the back of house production environment of the kitchen.


Innovation is particularly important for conference spaces to profitably prepare & serve meals at scale with quality and consistency.

Conference & Event Spaces

Prepared foods and commissary kitchens are common place in serviing clients. Quick serve and convenience need innovative solutions to cook, hold, and cool products.

Grocery & Retail

Highly specialized equipment is required to prepare the perfect breads, pastries, chocolates, and fine desserts.  Knowing the right equipment makes the difference.


We can help to create a unique guest experience for food and beverage in the clubhouse, on the course, or on the patio.

Sporting Venues and Golf Courses

A growing trend of cooking and serving from central facilities or in remote locations to support the mobile needs of guests and the exploding delivery business.

Ghost and Mobile Kitchens

Working Together

Design Services

Smart planning will improve your overall business performance. Our team of chefs and designers can help to design your menu, flow, layout and guest experience to achieve your business objectives.

Project Management

Opening a new location, new construction, and renovations are significant undertakings that require reliable project delivery to achieve critical budget and schedule targets. 100 years experience makes a difference to advise and deliver.


Reality is that commercial kitchens are big investments. We have industry specific financing options available to better match cashflow with revenues.

Test Kitchen

Experiment and educate yourself around the art of the possible. Bring your menu and test drive some new cooking techniques to innovate your menu and kitchen flow.

Our Products

Restaurant Equipment

We design and install all categories of commercial kitchen equipment for projects and kitchens large and small.  We can help to design or modernize your kitchen with innovative solutions for new levels of efficiency, labour reductions, menu changes, food quality, waste reduction and energy savings.


The small stuff makes it work. We have a large local inventory of smallwares to satisfy your ongoing needs for tools, food prep, transportation, storage, waste, and bar essentials.

Call, Pickup, Deliver

The Guest Experience

The guest experience is everything to complement the food. Sourcing the right tabletop, china, glassware and furniture to match your target guest experience is critical. We have a unique design specialty to help you hit the mark with all top brands.

Call, Pickup, Deliver

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