Our Services

Business Idea & Concept

When you first have an idea, it is good to talk with Chef’s and Restaurant experts to learn from experience. Talk about your concept, menu, location, and guest experience to start to put your ideas into motion.


Menu & Flow

Your menu and meals dictate your kitchen needs and flow for production.  Profitability comes from an efficient kitchen operation, quality focus, and service flow.  Innovating with equipment and layout reduces labour, optimizes space, and improves flow to enhance service, the guest experience, and profitability.


Layout & Equipment Specs

With space, labour, and quality at a premium, your layout must support your objectives. With 1000’s of projects, we take on unique challenges to create a space layouts and equipment plans for quirky locations of all sizes.

Budget Planning

Budget planning is critical given the capital expenditure required.  We provide estimates for the equipment, smallwares and project services needed to support budgetting and related financing at each stage.