Selecting your partners for a successful project is one of your most important success criteria.  Each project is unique in complexity and should be tailored with the right level of expertise and oversight to meet your objectives.  A full construction will typically require a level of planning, design, engineering, project management, site planning, construction, equipment installation and turnover for a reliable “on time” “on budget” project opening.  As your project partner, we commit to operating as a reliable and responsive solution partner to you as owner and/or general contractor for a successful project with accountability for results.

Our Clients

General Contractors & Design Consultants

Owners and GC’s rely on their Food Service Equipment contractor to source & install the kitchen solution as a turnkey project with the expertise needed for budgeting, design, shop drawings, site planning, integration, and reliable installation for final commissioning and hand over.

Independent Owners

Opening a restaurant is a big undertaking that requires expertise, planning, trust, and communication for reliable delivery. We work with owners to design, orchestrate and install the front and back of house solution.


Expansion of your business relies on delivery of a repeatable method and solution to support franchisees and operators with efficient and effective delivery of their opening.


Large institutions like Hospitals, Universities, and LTC Homes rely on major equipment to operate their business. Operators with scale need partners that can plan and collaborate with 3rd party advisors/designers to support unique specifications from the drawing board to fully installed.

Our Approach

Project Management






  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Sample Deliverables:

    • High Level Schedule – key activities integrated within the master construction schedule
    • Status Reporting – clearly communicating status, upcoming focus, decisions required
    • Quality Plan – adherence to scope with testing and validation of fabrication and installation to specification
    • Health and Safety Plan – protection of employees with compliance to site policy
    • Subcontract Management – management of manufacturers, fabricators and installers
    • Financial Management – establishing budgets and tracking progress to plan
    • Documentation Management – provision of shop drawings and specification files for design approval and site trade access

    Not all projects require the full approach.  This supports institutional or large construction projects with general contractors and / or construction managers that have a project management office with established project management processes.  Third party designers and engineers are typically involved together with a full scope construction of a location.

  • Plan


    Early planning of design, preliminary layout, indicative equipment list, and project budgets to support early stage planning and approvals.






    Sample Deliverables :

    • High Level Concept Design – business model, menu understanding, preliminary guest experience concept, location assessment
    • Preliminary Space Layout – indictive kitchen layout and front of house design
    • Preliminary Equipment List – indicative equipment list with options to support budgetary planning
    • Budgetary Estimate – setting of indicative budget to support design and overall project
  • Design


    Detail CAD drawing and planning of the space, equipment specification, shop drawings, and layouts for connections of electrical, mechanical & plumbing to support building construction to be ready for installation. Fabrication can proceed for custom components.






    Sample Deliverables:

    • Final Layout
    • Final Equipment List
    • Shop Drawings
    • Equipment Specification
    • Connection Layout
  • Source


    Global sourcing of top brand equipment and custom fabrication of stainless, millwork and walkins to support construction schedule.  Orchestrate and stage equipment for delivery to be ready for installation according to construction schedule.  Identify and manage supply chain risks.




    Sample Deliverables:

    • Item Tracking Log
    • Supply Chain Risks Identified
    • Equipment Fabricated
  • Install


    Delivery, receipt, uncrating, and set in place of the equipment to be ready for final service hookups.  Orchestrate delivery and installation with site supervisors and related trades.  Implement required job site health and safety procedures and manage quality.  Disposal of waste and maintenance of a clean work site.  Ready for final startup and training to support your opening/hand-over.





    Sample Deliverables:

    • Delivery and Installation of Equipment
    • Item Tracking Log
    • Quality Control Inspection
    • Deficiency Management
    • Health and Safety Policy
  • Open


    Final stages of readiness for opening.  Test and startup the installed equipment to confirm operational readiness. Train staff on use and maintenance of key equipment for effective use and life cycle care.  Final commissioning for GC contracts.  Ready for soft and full opening to guests.





    Sample Deliverables:

    • Startup
    • Training
    • Operations Manuals
    • Maintenance Guides
    • Warranty Information

Health & Safety

We have established health and safety policies and related programs for implementation to ensure the safety of our employees, installers, and subcontractors. We support and adopt Owner and General Contractor requirements for onsite policy and procedures.

Quality Control

We have established quality control measures in place to continuously monitor and control quality of our installations for reliable commissioning and compliance with specifications for reliable delivery for our general contractor & owner community.

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