Automatic Drip Coffeemakers

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You might be thinking you want a drip coffeemaker that has more than just an on-off switch. If you do, it is critical that you know the difference between the different types of drip coffeemakers.

Types of Drip Coffeemakers

Regular Drip Coffeemaker: The most straightforward of the drip machines, the user places ground coffee in the filter basket, then fills to the appropriate water line, and presses the button to brew.

Programmable Drip Coffeemaker: These are popular with those who want to wake up to their first cup of coffee already made – the user can program the machine to automatically start brewing coffee at a standard time daily.

Advanced Programmable Drip Coffeemaker: Theses machines let you program more than brewing time. They may have a special setting to ensure full taste and proper temperature when brewing small amounts of coffee and often have additional special features, such as a water filtration system to remove chlorine and other impurities.

Thermal Drip Coffeemaker: Complete with a thermal carafe to preserve flavour and aroma while keeping coffee at the perfect serving temperature for hours. Thermal coffeemakers may be regular, programmable, or advanced programmable. Unbreakable vacuum stainless steel thermal carafes are becoming more popular than those with glass carafes.

Specialty Drip Coffeemaker: These are advanced programmable coffeemakers with unique additional features. This category contains combination machines, such as coffeemakers with conical burr grinders that automatically grind beans to specification and then initiate brewing. Other specialty drip coffeemakers include thermal carafes and automatic milk frothers to froth milk on demand after the coffee is brewed.

How can I get the best cup of coffee from my machine?

The following steps will ensure a perfect cup of coffee every time. first, use cold filtered water – tap water may contain flavours that will affect the quality and taste of the coffee. Grind whole beans just before brewing. Keep pre-ground coffee in the refrigerator until ready to use. When using a paper filter, crimp the filter’s edges to provide a proper flow. Be sure to use a clean permanent filter. Brew only the amount that will be consumed in one or two hours.

How should I care for my machine?

Coffee contains oils, acids, and other chemicals that will eventually wear down a coffeemaker. If properly cared for, an automatic drip coffeemaker should last five to seven years. Follow these basic maintenance tips: once the coffee is brewed, remove the used grinds immediately, remove coffee stains from the heating plate and plastic parts, clean permanent filters thoroughly after each use, decalcify every four to six weeks, and remove any permanent filters and filtration cartridges from the machine before decalcifying.

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