Celebrate the Holidays with SOBRII Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Sobrii started in 2017, after founder Bob Huitema was looking for a way to enjoy great-tasting cocktails without the consequences of alcohol. Not being able to find what he wanted, he decided to make it instead. Growing up on a farm near Stratford, Ontario, and spending many years in Toronto working in the food and beverage industry, Bob drew on his experience and began the journey to create Sobrii 0-Gin, Canada’s first distilled non-alcoholic gin.

Today, Sobrii 0-Gin is distilled in small batches at a Stratford craft distillery. It uses quality natural ingredients, including Canadian Ginseng from Ontario, and has no artificial flavours, sugars, sweeteners or calories.

Why Sobrii?
Sobrii means “sober” in Latin. By removing the alcohol, our products offer a way for health-conscious adults or the sober curious, to enjoy cocktails without compromising on taste or palette experience. Sobrii is proud to support responsible drinking, and we think “non-alcohol” should be just as celebrated as “with alcohol”.

As more people become health-conscious and aware of the negative effects of alcohol, alcohol consumption is declining in Canada and around the world. For people who want to enjoy classic cocktails or drink socially without the alcohol, flavoured waters and other alternatives simply don’t cut it.

Instead, Sobrii 0-Gin tastes great, feels great in the mouth and has no sugars, sweeteners, calories or artificial flavours. It’s non-alcoholic gin, done right. Also try the new Sobrii 0-Tequila!

Recipes by Mixoligist Yvonne Langen from Taste and Tipple and from Sobrii

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